Top Points to Help you Select the Right Silk Pillowcases

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Published: 16th February 2012
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Top Points to Help you Select the Right Silk pillowcases Are you wondering what the big fuss about a Silk pillowcase is? There are many reasons why people are shunning their cotton and polyester pillowcases for Silk pillowcases. Silk is good for your skin and is one of the most shared beauty secrets these days. Unlike cotton pillow covers, it does not harm your hair and is hypo-allergic too. Easy on maintenance and pockets, the only real challenge you have to face is find the right store which sells 100% real silk pillowcases.

Silk is a luxury material. It is very soft but extremely durable. So do not go by its looks. How would you recognize the good silk from the bad? Here are some tips which you can use.

  • "Momme" weight-Whenever you check silk for its quality, always check its "Momme" weight. The heavier this weight index, the better the silk in quality. So always opt for Silk pillowcases which use silk with a "Momme" weight of ten and above.
  • Thread count-It is recommended that you opt for silk with a thread count of 400 and above. The thread count is the number of threads of silk in one square inch of the fabric. So naturally, the more the count, the better the silk.
  • Hypo-allergic-As such silk is resistant to fungus, dust mites and mould. This is because it contains certain substances which make the silk fight these threats and pests. But since it is a natural fabric, it always makes better sense to read the features list to ensure that the Silk pillowcases you are buying are hypo-allergic too.
  • Check instructions for washing-Since silk pillows are an investment and they last you through many years, you should always read the instructions with regard to their maintenance. Most silk pillows can be washed by hand using a gentle detergent. Some can even be cleaned in a washing machine. But yes, some fragile silk fabrics require dry cleaning. Dry cleaning would add extra recurring costs towards the maintenance of the silk pillows. So before you buy the pillow cases, ensure that it does not require high maintenance. Always dry silk pillow and bed covers away from direct sunlight.
  • Feel the fabric-Before you buy the pillow case, you can feel it to check its quality. If the silk does not feel smooth under your fingers, chances are you will not get a comfortable sleep using it. After all Silk pillowcases are all about getting the beauty sleep, is it not? Charmeuse method is what makes the silk feel smoother. This method when used to weave the silk threads to create the luxurious fabric has a special appeal to it. It makes the silk feel smooth like butter and at the same time, makes the fabric lighter. So it is also the weaving method which decides the quality of silk.
  • Check for Mulberry silk-Mulberry Silk is the softest and the best. It is the very silk which you need under your head to ease your sleep disorders and skin problems. This silk is what should be used in making the Silk Pillowcases which you buy.
  • Keep these points in mind before you buy the Silk pillowcases you have been eyeing. You can buy good quality pillow cases from stores in your locality, though these are best bought via reliable online stores to avail good bargain deals!

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